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Loans are now becoming almost must-haves in everyone’s life: few people have not resorted to funding at least once in their lifetime. It goes without saying that this is sometimes limited by the fact that credit agreements are full of clauses that prevent them from being signed, therefore it can happen that a customer is refused the loan request because it lacks the necessary requirements.

Usually, it is the lack of a fixed salary or high enough to determine this rejection by lenders.
However, as was said at the beginning, the loans have now become at home and anyone has heard of them at least once.
Various banks and institutes grant personalized loans to try to meet today’s economic hardship situations.

The Good Finance company has also created a series of credit formulas suitable for every need, meeting any type of clientele, be it a family, a young person or even a retiree.
Within this guide, there is already an article that deals with the main financial products offered by the Italian Post Office, however, below, we want to focus attention on the news.



The Good Credit loan is the financial solution specifically designed by the Italian Post Office, dedicated to those who already have a Good Credit account.
With this financial product, the company is able to guarantee its customers an immediate loan that can range from a minimum amount of $ 1,500.0 to a maximum amount of $ 30,000.00; this sum is credited directly to the Good Credit account.

The loan can be set up according to your needs, so you can choose the duration of the loan and the repayment methodology. In the event that the conditions exist for applying the salary or pension credit, the reimbursement procedure will be handled specifically.
The duration of the loan can usually range from twelve months to eighty-four months and there are no preliminary costs, as well as the costs of collecting the installment, handling the file and those relating to the sending of periodic communications.

An insurance contract may be stipulated, but this is entirely optional (except in the case of loans to pensioners, for which life insurance is provided) and the percentage is calculated based on the amount disbursed: in general, it is fixed at 3 , 25% for loans with a term of up to sixty months, but rises to 4.80% for those loans with a term of over sixty months.

The Good Credit loan is aimed at all customers, both Italian and foreign, residing in Italy. Applying for a Good Credit loan is simple, in fact, just go to any office and present the following documentation for subscription:

  • an identity document;
  • the Health card;
  • a document certifying the applicant’s income.

For foreign citizens it is also necessary to present a copy of the valid residence permit or, if it has expired, a copy of the renewal request.



Before starting to deal with individual innovative products, it is essential to make a clarification on how to apply for a Good Credit loan online.

By connecting to the specific page of the Good Finance website, you are asked to enter the data relating to the request you wish to submit; the next step is to click on the CALCULATE button and the system will develop the loan solution best suited to the needs expressed.

Then you need to fill in the appropriate form, entering the personal data indicated and submit the loan request online. Once you have received the affirmative answer, one last effort is needed: print and send all documents.
If successful, the requested amount will be disbursed to the Good Credit account within a few days.
The documentation needed to submit an online loan application is as follows:

  • a valid identity document
  • a documentation attesting to income, or a paycheck, a Unico model or a coupon;
  • the tax code card;
  • in the case of foreign citizens, a document certifying the regularity of the stay in Italy.



Once clarified what is meant by Good Credit loan and explained how to apply for a Good Credit loan online, we go into the merits of the article and, below, we will focus our attention on the innovative products of the Good Finance company.
In particular, the new credit offers can be found in the online offers: the latter are increasingly able to grab a very large slice of the market, undermining traditional loans.
The innovative loans from Good Finance that will be dealt with are the following:

  • Good Credit click loan;
  • Special Cash Postepay.

While the former is a real loan, the latter, on the other hand, has been designed to facilitate the underwriting of a loan, as it allows the disbursement of small amounts, choosing from three available top-up plans.

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